Just when you think you are already having a great day and it cannot get better, people can surprise you into topping your current state of bliss.

Well, it obviously does not happen very often, in fact, it happens once in a  green sun. And it happened recently to me.

My best friend’s boyfriend randomly sent me old cards and drawings I had given her in school, saying it was from her ‘treasure trove’. And I was so pleasantly shocked that she still had them! It was stuff I gave to her when I was thirteen I guess. I had almost forgotten about them. And the thing is, I don’t even talk much to her boyfriend and both of them lives miles away from me. So the gesture was so overwhelming. I just kept smiling constantly while looking at them.

‘Can’t believe she still has them!’, I thought.

I mean, it’s sad, but the truth is, I don’t really have anything to remind me of my school life. All of my stuff was lost in shifting. So getting to see those old cards was such an amazing trip down memory lane.

‘I am sorry, I read your letter too’, he texted me, after I thanked him for the sweet gesture.

I didn’t really know what to say, because I did not even remember sending her a letter. School is just so far away in the past. I was tempted to ask what it was, but I did not. I was just happy looking at the cards and doodles, the little me had sent my school best friend.

The beauty of life, is indeed, in small things!

I think I will share one of them here.