Somewhere in a street, you have never been to, lie stories you will never know. And then there are streets that scream out loud, through their buildings, through their art, what they are, what they stand for.

We went to one such street, that is apparently photographed a lot, because of the art splashed over the walls that border old dilapidated buildings and houses of lane in Mumbai which used to be a village once.


I loved this one the best, lining an old pretty house, which oversaw another, where an old couple was bargaining with a fisherwoman to sell her meat for cheaper. After some argument, the uncle went inside, but the lady continued chatting with the woman who sat on the ground right outside their door with her wicker basket full of fish.

As we stepped out of that lane, this queer little turbanned dog caught the eye of my friend and soon we spotted some more.

‘I don’t want to take that photo’, another friend told me when I clicked this picture. It’s a Bollywood inspired artwork that floods your senses as you walk by, there is no way you cannot notice it.

‘Facebook is filled with it’, she explained. Of-course. Anybody with a camera would be tempted to take a picture of that and upload it on social media.

There were more interesting random street artworks splashed on the walls. And by the way, all this is in Mumbai. For those who are wondering.