“We are right to be involved about canines who chew – a
chew is a “purple flag” that the canine is experiencing
some form of stress and seeks to resolve it by way of biting.” – says a comment on a post published on this blog that has nothing to do with canines.

In fact, the post is about dating, about men and women trying to find love via dating sites. Or well just some comic relief through people who really have no idea about what they are doing.

The comment was not awaiting approval, it had been simply marked in the spam folder, a folder I rarely bother to peek into. But this time around, I ventured into that elusive folder, I call it so, because well, not like the folder is difficult to find, it just always escapes your mind.

There were some 20 comments that had been marked as spam and while some were cleverly disguised messages that were promoting things I have no interest in. Others were just blatant.

“Visit our site, it has great content, you will keep coming back for more,’ says XXXblumorPorno

Half of them are people trying to promote pornographic links, actually I am not sure about that, but they usually have ‘sex’ or ‘porn’ in their user names, so I am just guessing.

And it is just so hilarious. And a little disappointing.

Because here you are, hopeful that wordpress might have just marked some constructive criticism on your piece as ‘spam’, but when you go check the messages, you see being asked to check a porn site on a post about minions. Just an example.

Go check your spam folder now. You might be in for a few laughs. And a LOT of unwanted advice that has nothing to do with anything in your life.