Did I ever mention I happen to be a journalist? I guess not. Well, as the year ends, I would like to share that little detail with who ever is reading/writing a blog right now instead of partying their ass off like to ring in the New Year. Hi all!

Now to what this post is about – I was working on something, when a colleague in the ‘newsroom’, if I could call it that, said very disapprovingly that ‘Now these guys(one of the most famous publications in India that is not Times of India) are doing dog stories!”. The tone was laced with brilliant sarcasm with the slightest tinge of remorse for the entire industry I suppose.

My interest was obviously piqued and it turned out to be a dog meme that has apparently gone viral on the social media. I had to believe it because even the Washington Post and other international publication has pieces on it.

Only baffling question I've ever come across on Facebook
Photo: Imgur


So, okay, it maybe an interesting, funny, silly and stupid story and all publications these days do the most ridiculous of ‘stories’. But the Indian Publication has this on their number 4 spot! Now that is taking it a little far.

My first thought was – dogs don’t wear pants, so who cares! The other thought on the story was something that I soon translated into some sloppy Photoshop. I tweeted it. And since I am a twitter dummy with almost no followers. Obviously nobody has seen it. But here it is –


Dog ‘pants’, so he can pee without wetting it and scratch his balls without tearing it!



Oh And Happy New Year to fellow wordpress bloggers 🙂