Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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If ‘His Man’ season one was simple and vanilla, season two brings in a whole range of different flavors, with far more interesting contestants.

Just like its predecessor, ‘His Man 2’, the Korean dating reality show features eight gay contestants out to find love as they go on dates and live in the same house for a week. Spread over 14 episodes, the first episode introduces the men through blind dates, and they slowly learn a few things about each other, although they aren’t allowed to reveal their age and professions in the first encounter. Over the course of the next few episodes, the men perform daily tasks, cook together, go on dates, and are expected to cast their final vote on the last day on who they like. If the person they vote for also votes for them, it’s a match! And they become winners in the game of love.

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What made season one slightly bland was the fact that pretty much all the contestants were fighting for the attention of the same man. However, in a refreshing change, episode one of the second edition ends with everybody choosing different men. According to the show format, at the end of each day, contestants are allowed to make an anonymous call to the person they are interested in dating. Except for one contestant, everybody receives a call from someone who is curious about them. All the men get to go on picture-perfect dates, most of them involving fun couple-bonding activities, like making cups together, baking, or going fishing.

While season one was interesting due to its novelty, being the first gay dating reality show to emerge from Korea, ‘His Man’ season two is pretty entertaining due to the antics and interactions of its participants. David Kim, known as DABIT, a solo Korean singer, was surprisingly one of the most reserved, quiet, and likable persons on the show. Yoon Seon Woo, a businessman who runs a gelato shop, was popular with the guys due to his handsome face and sunny personality, but he was funnily the most gossip-girl type of character on the show. Strong sparks flew between Shin Sung Ho, a make-up artist, and Lee Jun Seoung, a luxury store employee, both of whom grew close due to being roommates during the first few days. The two had the most endearing chemistry on the show and might make viewers feel like they are watching a romantic K-Drama and not a reality show. Oh Min Sung, a plastic surgery consultant, has a sort of triangle going on with contestants Yang Hyun Jin, a hair stylist, and Jang Hyeon Jun (Daenyol), who is a DJ and popular YouTuber. Kim Yoong Hee was the youngest on the show, a sweet retired Taekwondo athlete, who practically falls in love at first sight in the first episode.

“That fox has seduced two of them,” Seon Woo says to one contestant about Oh Min Sung, which was one of the most hilarious lines on the series. There are many moments that will make viewers feel like the show is scripted, and it really doesn’t matter because scripted or not, ‘His Man’ season two was an engaging romance reality show, with fun participants. Viewers get to see different shades of the participants and will definitely end up rooting for a few of them. Do the men find love at the end of the road? A few sure do!

Overall, “His Man” season two is an engaging follow-up, with pleasant settings and largely well-behaved contestants who are easy on the eyes and easy to like too.

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