So tempted to not write anything today. The excuse in my head was “it’s Christmas man, holiday season” and then I realize I should have used that excuse card yesterday. But instead, the enthusiastic cutlet that I am, I published two posts yesterday! Well hey, what other way to spend a holiday than to do what you like doing best – in my case it’s blogging these days. “Get a life” I can hear some people whisper from different corners.

Also I stumbled upon a fantastic unplugged cover of a hit Bollywood song and that too by a dude who is a stand up comedian. And thanks to that track, I have been torturing the co-inhabitants of my house – by playing it over and over again. In fact for the last 24 hours, I have been only listening to that song. And no, I am not going to tell you what the song is, or share the link. Because I like the fact that some of you think I am an intelligent person. I would like to keep it that way.

But some day, I will disappear, not write for days and those of you who are being spammed with notifications of my new posts might even miss me. Just as I finished typing that last sentence, my system crashed, it just went blank and I had to switch it on again. It’s like even my laptop is sick of me and telling me to “take a break and get away from me”. Seriously. I might be spending an unhealthy amount of time with my laptop. If it were a human being, I would have totally been dumped by now, for smothering it with too much attention. I think my laptop just hurt my feelings by switching off without any rhyme or reason. It felt like someone cut a call right when I was in the middle of an important conversation. Yes, even inanimate things can hurt my self-esteem.

I think my laptop wishes I were inanimate too. Picture Source:

No, I will not see a shrink. And all right, I am going to stop writing now. I know, my prose was getting too hard to handle. *smirks*

Much Love,