A lot of people seem to agree that romantic relationships in general tend to get complicated after a certain amount of time. Which is why even social media platforms provide you with an “It’s complicated” option for your relationship status.

People like me however tend to believe that everything in life is usually very simple, unless someone decides to deliberately mess things up. Sure there are exceptions, some people are just good at screwing things up unintentionally (you know someone like that, don’t you?). But the biggest puzzle I cannot seem to figure out is – whether there is something called “moving too fast” or “too slow” in a relationship. In fact, honestly, I do not think there is any such thing as “too fast” or “too slow” when it comes to things like love.

There are people who go through their whole lives without having had a fruitful romantic relationship, or having experienced what the world so romantically calls “love”. Some of us just keep at the dating game but never let it go beyond sex, a kiss, or even worse, a handshake! And then just be single and miserable the rest of our lives. Those of us are usually branded “loose”, “cynics”, “too picky”, “stuck up”, etc. Then there are those of us, who will fall in love at first sight, decide to get married after three months of dating, have a brief period of marital bliss that might just end in a divorce. And then be patronized for having been “too fast”, “too impulsive”, “crazy” or other such adjectives.

But the same scenarios can have different endings. There are those of us, who after rejecting half the world, spending too many years alone, finally find that someone they decide to spend the rest of their lives with, maybe even at the age of 40 or perhaps even later. And then all that waiting seems worth it, and those years seem to melt away. And then there are also those who take the first chance they get, go no holds barred into a relationship after just two days of knowing each other, take vows after a year and then only death does them apart. And they die in the know of having lived a full life, filled with love.

So the question is, is there really anything called “too fast” or “too slow”, in the lane of love?

I guess it all really comes down to this one question – who is saying it?