Netflix dropped the official Teaser for its upcoming series ‘Inventing Anna’ on YouTube and it seems promising. For viewers who don’t know Anna Delvey, the teaser doesn’t give anything away. All we see is some fashionably dressed women posing for photos and a journalist claiming she might have an interesting story. And the teaser declaring that the series is ‘INSPIRED BY THE STORY OF A TOTAL FAKE’. A total fake could be anything – a fake businesswoman, a fake designer, a fake social media ‘influencer’ fooling people with a misleading lifestyle. Well… the options are unlimited.

So who the hell is Anna Delvey?

Born in 1991 in Russia, Anna Sorokin is a German con-artist, who posed as a German heiress to swindle banks, hotels and wealthy people. She basically leeched off gullible rich folks and service providers, by pretending to be super-rich. Funny but true. According to news reports, she was sentenced to 4-12 years in prison for fraud in May, 2019.

Almost a year before that, in April 2018, Vanity Fair ran a full-length feature by one of Anna’s victims titled “She Paid for Everything”: How a Fake Heiress Made My $62,000 Disappear”. Anna had befriended Rachel DeLoache Williams after meeting her at a fancy New York pub. The two kept meeting a fancier places, and one day Anna promised her friend an all-expenses-taken-care-off trip to Marrackech. Although, at the end of it all, it was Rachel who had to pay for everything, because Anna claimed something wasn’t right with her banks. And Rachel’s money disappeared, Anna did what cons do – become evasive.

Rachel was obviously not first of Anna’s victims. Micheal Xufu Huang, a Chinese art collector was one of the first few who had gotten suspicious of the young woman. The two had become friends and Anna had asked Micheal if she could accompany him for an art exhibition in Venice. He booked her flights and hotels, expecting to be paid back, but that never happened.

To those who knew Anna, they claim she was extremely confident in peddling her story of being a wealthy heiress with a lavish lifestyle and ambitious dreams. She used the classic trick of borrowing from one to pay another, creating a cycle of debt she hoped she could escape forever. But good luck can only last so long.

It would be interesting to see what Netflix has to offer! Here’s the teaser.