Major story spoilers ahead

Did you enjoy watching the Netflix series “Mask Girl” and are wondering like us if there could be a season two? While a spin-off on the same lines will be easier, a direct sequel is also quite possible. Even though there has been no talk from Netflix about a sequel to the show, considering how the show ended, there’s definitely enough scope for one.

While the 2023 installment of Mask Girl ends with main protagonist Kim Mo-mi dying, if we’ve learnt anything from shows around the world – nobody is dead until we see the body burnt or buried for sure. The climactic moments of the show feature Kim Mo-mi’s daughter Mi Mo wistfully watching her mother perform as a child. Since the show already hinted at how Mi Mo shared her mother’s passion for dressing up, singing and dancing, a sequel could focus on Mi Mo carrying her mother’s legacy forward by becoming a masked online performer herself. Basically, a literal “Mask Girl 2”.

Even though the series concludes with Mi Mo coming to terms with her mother’s criminal past and becoming at peace with her own situation, she is only a teenager and there’s a whole world waiting for her. And a season two could be quite exciting and could explore more diverse themes.

If you haven’t seen the series, listen to our quick recap of the show in under 5 minutes –