This weird little book is just what I needed after reading the fifteen fucking hundred pages long ‘A Suitable Boy’. Sorry for the ‘F’ bomb, but after reading Kent Wayne’s novel ‘Kor’ Thank: Barbarian Valley Girl’, I feel like it’s pretty fucking okay to drop some profanities now and then. Damn, I did it again.

Okay, I will start off the book review in earnest now. The author and I follow each other on WordPress and that’s how I learnt about ‘Kor’Thank’ and decided to get it on my kindle. He sort of warned me about how the book is “silly and vulgar”, but by then I was already laughing out loud at the pages and enjoying it.

The plot is pretty fucking crazy. A barbarian king called Kor’Thank from an alternate universe switches body with a vicious cheerleader Holly and things get chaotic. Contrary to my expectations, I actually liked reading Holly the cheerleader’s adventure as the king, more than Kor’s new life as a teen bitch on earth.

There are three protagonists as far as I am concerned –

  1. Holly, who is pure evil. Evil enough to brain-damage the cheer-leading captain to become the Queen Bee herself. Imagine what such a girl would do when she ends up in the body of a King?!
  2. Chongha Peter Lee, a supposed genius, who hates Holly and is planning to get back at her for something she did to his dog. (Trying to keep it spoiler free, so I am not going to say what she did to the dog)
  3. Kor’Thank is the battle loving King of a people called the ‘Indashi’, who is nothing like Ms Holly. Peter Lee and his friend Eun become his guide to modern earth.

After Kor and Holly switch both bodies, the rest of the plot is spent on their novel experiences and their quest to get back to their own worlds. There is a nice unexpected little twist thrown in, which I am not going to reveal, but let’s just say that the twist makes it quite a fanatical tale for Holly the impostor King. There’s a lot of battles and blood during her reign. Peter Lee and Kor on the other side have a massive monster on their hands.

Here is the deal – I have never read anything like it! Never. Pretty sure there must be a lot of body swapping, multi-dimensional novels with a lot of profanity thrown in the mix, but for me, this was new territory. I couldn’t understand some bits, possibly because they were American pop-culture references that I couldn’t catch.

But I will be honest, the most fun I had was reading all the profane phrases the author concocts. Sample some of these – “Scram, cunt-sludge”; “Bring it on, dick-sniffers”; “Too late, Fuckgobble”. Well, there’s a lot more vulgarity in the book and it was such a riot to read! If you get offended by such language, the book is so not for you.

The author probably had a lot of fun writing this one, because it sure as hell comes across on the pages. There are some action sequences in the second-half that were written in a very arresting manner and were an absolute delight to imagine. The climax however was a little tame in comparison of the rest of the tale and could’ve been more dramatic.

If you want to read some crazy multi-dimensional material and don’t mind an overdose of psychedelics and teen demons, this is just the book you must pick. It’s a solid 4/5 for me. In the author’s words – It’s a High-School Absurdical.

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