“Can someone just tell me if their relationship survived or not so I don’t have to watch the whole thing?” read one of the top YouTube comment under the trailer for Netflix documentary “Longest Third Date”. It’s about a couple who met on a dating app and decided to take a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica for their third date. However, their plans were disrupted by the Covid19 pandemic, resulting in their return flights being cancelled, and they ended up spending several weeks together away from home. Many viewers will only be interested in knowing whether they eventually ended up together and don’t need an entire documentary to find that out.

The documentary’s trailer features Matt and Khani who had matched on Hinge and went on their Costa Rica date when it was March 2020. It’s definitely the kind of story that would’ve made a nice quick Instagram reel/tiktok video or like a reddit thread. Perhaps a quick romantic-comedy movie might have been more exciting, because the documentary doesn’t look very promising.