A medical student gets electrocuted by a malfunctioning MRI machine at the hospital and gains the power to read people’s thoughts when she touches them. If only life was so easy. But that’s the story of the 2021 Brazilian film ‘Lulli’ on Netflix.

Directed by Cesar Rodrigues, Lulli is like a silly version of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, where the focus is more on the romantic affairs and petty jealousies of medical students. Larissa Maneula, who plays the titular character Lulli, has zero charm and makes you wonder how she landed the lead role. The others in the cast are a lot better than her. While the whole premise of how Lulli gains her mind-reading powers is ridiculous, it still makes for an entertaining plot. Not like we haven’t seen it before, the 2021 Japanese series ‘Cherry Magic’ treads the same territory, where the hero can read minds when he touches people. But the series is way more hilarious and heartwarming than this film.

‘Lulli’ is pretty much very ‘high school romance’ territory, with everybody behaving like they are still teenagers. Writers Renato Fagundes and Thalita Reboucas don’t put in a lot of thought into the plot, even though some of the medical scenes in the hospitals are legit enough. Some of the friendships depicted are relatable and draw some laughs. However, the climax is random AF and gives you a cliche ‘happy ending’.

Basically, it’s is just your average rom-com set in a hospital setting, with the protagonist having an undesirable super-power. It’s a 5/10 from me.

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