Disney+ Hotstar dropped the trailer for Dhanush starrer ‘Maaran’ and it looks fun as hell, even if unrealistic. But who cares? We want to be the kind of butt-kicking investigative reporter he gets to play in the upcoming 2022 Tamil movie. He gets to be on the cover of multiple magazines for crying out loud! When was the last time you saw a Indian print journalist on the cover page of anything huh?

Director by Karthick Naren, the film will be premiering on March 11th on the streaming site. The plot is pretty straightforward – Dhanush plays a badass investigative journalist Maaran who believes in publishing the truth and taking the system head-on. When he exposes a scam, it rattles those in power, who in turn to try to silence him. But it’s a Dhanush film, so you know he is not going to go down without fight. Maaran gets to beat a lot of goons in style, there was an exciting metaphorical action sequence of the journo jabbing the bad guys with a pen. A nod to the classic quote ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’. Maaran is basically like Clark Kent, without the need of a superhero alter-ego. The teaser looks like a complete commercial crowd-pleaser.

Heck, with all the media bashing we’ve keep seeing in most Indian series and movies, maybe Dhanush playing hero scribe will be both super-entertaining and may even help redeem the image of news reporters. Fans cannot wait for this one.