This movie makes The Expendables look like a chick-flick and I’m not exaggerating by far. The only review I read before watching the movie was a friend saying: “You’ll point at the screen and go, “ARGGGHH, THIS IS AMAZING” for the two odd hours you’re watching it. Road rage never looked so good. Simply the best flick of 2015 so far” Quite intrigued, I stepped into the movie hall with high expectations, which was probably my mistake. I hadn’t set my hopes high enough. Every shot in the movie has breath-taking imagery, brilliant acting, mindless action and coherence. Don’t believe me? There is a man suspended on a moving stage playing a twelve stringed electric guitar flamethrower and it makes total sense, trust me, I wish I were kidding.

This movie probably redefines breathtaking action by sequence after sequence of adrenalin pumping chases. We have seen action movies in the past with awe inspiring sequences and amazing visual effects. The place where Mad Max scores one above all the other movies is how it does that throughout the movie and keeps you hooked to the screen for the entire time. They literally start from one place and go back to the same place and you still can’t get enough of it. Side note: George Miller is probably going to make this into a whole series which is sure to be something to watch out for. While the action definitely takes center stage, the character development, the depth in the movie and the punk-western bizarre humor hold their own. It is a movie where they all just fit.

Now this probably is enough to make this a great movie to watch, but the brilliance of Mad Max Fury Road, is that it also unabashedly touches upon issues of the society. From dictatorship, to blind beliefs, to moral righteousness, to gender equality, to oil wars, to water conservation to climate change and even nuclear war, this post-apocalyptic clan war styled film has it all. It doesn’t give precedence to one issue at a time working its way to a morally uplifting movie, rather it puts them all together center stage and doesn’t even make you realize it till you re-think the movie at the end. Mad Max Fury Road is a movie that’s a violent, R-Rated masterpiece that’s as weird as it is addictive.

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