I’ve been been pushing writing this review for quite some time, just like I pushed watching the last few episodes until the finale came out – to get done with all of it at once. Directed by Kapper Worarit Ninklom, the 2022 Thai series ‘Check Out’ doesn’t live up to its well shot ‘episode zero’, which came out a good one year before the full series aired. Imagine building up anticipation for so long, only to serve some random generic terribly written story. Wait, there wasn’t any story.

Okay, let me attempt to write the plot – Nine (Chahub Marut Ghoummeddin) and Daonuea (Best Vittawin Veeravidhayanant) are two young good-looking strangers who meet at a resort and hook-up. Later, Nine ghosts Daonuea, goes back to his extremely annoying ex-girlfriend, then changes his mind and decides to chase Daonuea again. Daonuea on the other hand is on the verge of dating Tee (M Sarawut Laoruamsap), his colleague at work, but Nine shows up and confuses him. Will the two end up together? Phew… that’s the story.

The ‘how they met’ story was very cutely captured in the promotional episode 0 that came out in 2021 with charming performances by both Chahub and Best. But right from episode 1 onward, there’s very little substance to ‘Check Out’, which is why the makers probably stuffed in a lot of kissing scenes, perhaps hoping the steamy moments will distract viewers from noticing the lack of script. One of the biggest problems with the series is how Daonuea’s character is portrayed as some innocent silly little kid, despite him being an adult working professional. They make him behave like a pout-y pampered child and well, Nine’s character isn’t a lot better either. It’s a shame, because they made a promising onscreen pair and have great chemistry in their romantic scenes.

The little humor the writers try to incorporate in the series is quite literally shitty – they are largely bathroom/potty/farting jokes. After a point, it’s hard to care about anything that is happening in this chaotic production. You are probably better off not checking out this series.

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