The phrase ‘twin-trouble’ perfectly describes twin brothers Migi and Dali from the 2023 Japanese anime series “Migi to Dali,” which is based on a manga series of the same name by Nami Sano.

Set in 1989, Episode one introduces Migi and Dali as two orphaned twins who scheme their way into getting adopted by an aging wealthy couple. The twist? The couple only adopts one kid, known to them as Hitori, and they have no clue that two brothers are pretending to be one person under their roof. While the protagonists are only 13-year-old boys, this is a mystery-thriller and the opening episode gives viewers glimpses into the two-faced nature of the twins, without giving away their real motives.

The animation designs are quite faithful to the original manga, although the background music, which largely consists of dramatic piano pieces, lends a horror-like tone to “Migi to Dali”. The way Migi and Dali smoothly deceive the couple is exaggeratedly absurd, but their antics are laced with theatrics that feel more sinister than comical. However, if you read the manga, the interactions between the kids and the elderly parents come off as more hilarious than in the anime.

Twenty-three minutes long, episode one is evenly paced and does a fitting job of establishing the unique personalities of the twins, who are indeed like two peas in a pod. Their trust & dependence on each other is both admirable and unsettling. It remains to be seen how the other episodes will play out.

You can watch “Migi to Dali” on Crunchyroll.

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