TP stands for ‘time pass’, it’s a phrase commonly used in some parts of the world to use to describe things that come in handy when we just want to kill some time. And there’s a whole genre of TP movies we like to watch, even though we know they are trash, but fun trash; like the 2022 movie ‘My Fake Boyfriend’.

Directed by Rose Troche, the film stars Keiynan Londsale as Andrew a stuntman who is in an ‘on & off’ relationship with a television star called Nico (Marcus Rosner). Dylan Sprouse plays his nosy best-friend Jake who comes with an equally enthusiastic girlfriend Kelly portrayed by Sarah Hyland. The pair create a fake digital boyfriend for Andrew to help him get over Nico, but things get out of hand when Jake begins to blur the lines between what’s real and what’s fake.

Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland make an adorable onscreen couple, but give off a ‘dumb & dumber’ vibe, despite their characters being intelligent. Keiynan Londsale’s Andrew has low self-esteem issues and is a total doormat, not only does his partner not respect him, his friends Jake-Kelly have so sense of space – they are borderline stalkers who take an unhealthy interest in his movements. The friendship goes from ‘cute’ to ‘crazy’ in a heartbeat. While a lot of stuff is exaggerated non-sense, which isn’t necessarily as hilarious as intended, so there’s more cringe than comedy; but the story does take a fun dig at people’s obsession with social media ‘influencers’.

Honestly, there isn’t much to critique in this film, it’s just a silly no-brainer flick. One wouldn’t call it a ‘romantic comedy’, since the romance quotient is quite low. It’s more about friends going overboard with “intervention” and needing one themselves. There are some ridiculous fight scenes, digs at the movie industry, dating apps, ‘influencer’ culture, cooking shows and what not.

If the trailer seemed entertaining to you, go stream the movie on Amazon Prime for ‘time pass’. Or else just skip it.

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