Modern cities for me meant tall ugly buildings, each no different from the other, having no beauty, no charm. I have written poems lamenting these “concrete jungles” but a visit to a few cities have changed my outlook. One such city is Putra Jaya, a city in Malaysia, which is the prettiest modern man made city I have ever laid my eyes upon. Of course I am yet to visit most of the world, but from whatever little I have, my vote goes to Putra Jaya.

It is the seat of Administration in Malaysia and is filled with greenery and gardens. It is so green and beautiful that you would want to abandon your car and just cycle around the whole place. As I looked around me, I felt so terrible for not having a cycle to explore the place and paddle through its many gardens.

The roads here are surrounded with greenery and pretty flower pots hanging around in between the dividers. Even the streets lights here are unique and pretty.

One ought to visit the Putra mosque, which is pink in colour and gorgeous. And just near the mosque is a tourist spot where one can go for a cruise or a boat ride. There used to be a sunset cruise at about 7 pm but for some reason they have stopped that one. So the last cruise is at 6 pm now.

The Putra Mosque makes for a good photo op
You ought to go for a boat ride here

The city also has a lot of pretty bridges over beautiful lakes, the bridges are lit up in the evenings and change color in the nights, making it an interesting sight to gaze upon.

And almost all the buildings here are worth a photo op. You would think that they are probably historical buildings, but all of them are the products of modern architecture. If you ever visit Malaysia, you must go to Putra Jaya, you might just fall in love with this man made beauty.