Oh, Online dates, how they doth allure

A chance at love, a spark to procure

But alas, oft they lead to woe

With expectations high, and feelings low

One swipes right, and matches they become

Hopes arise, hearts start to hum

But when they meet, ’tis oft a bore

No chemistry, no spark, no amour

Oh, cruel fate, to play this game

Where love is sought, but ends in shame

Yet still we swipe, and still we try

Hoping one day, love will not pass us by

So let us not give up the fight

For love will come, with all its might

On the internet or elsewhere, we may find

A love that’s true, and forever bind.

– We asked ChatGPT to write a poem on Tinder dates. It’s nowhere near as stirring as Rumi, Neruda or Plath; but it’s not too bad either. What do you think?