“So the times you don’t think he is good, what do you tell him?”

“You were fantastic”

Written and directed by Nicole Holofcener, the trailer for “You Hurt My Feelings” promises a glimpse into a quirky film about the little white lies we tell friends and family and their consequences.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays protagonist Beth, an author whose last book, a memoir no less, isn’t doing great. Her agent tells her that her voice lacks authenticity, stating that there are plenty of other authors exploring topics such as refugees, cancer, murder, and abuse. In a scene which was darkly hilarious, Beth sarcastically says she wishes her father wasn’t just verbally abusive and then maybe she would’ve sold more copies. To make things worse, she overhears her husband being dismissive of her work. So what do you do when you realize your partner isn’t exactly honest with you?

Most of us in the creative field hope for honest feedback from close friends, but most people hold back their criticism, since… well… not everybody takes criticism kindly. And very few want to take a chance with the truth. Why risk ruining a relationship if you can overcome situations with a quick lie? “You Hurt My Feelings” offers to explore the duplicity of such harmless untruths. While the trailer isn’t rip-roaring hilarious, it seems like the kind of movie one would enjoy watching on a lazy Sunday evening.