My joyous little scream at “ONLY ON NETFLIX APRIL 27” startled mom a bit. Look, I binge-watched and really enjoyed season one of “Sweet Tooth” starring the adorable Christian Convery. However, they ended things on a massive cliff-hanger, and knowing Netflix, nobody was sure if they would actually bring a season two, but thanks to all the love and critical acclaim the series gathered – season two became a reality.

Netflix dropped the official teaser trailer for the second installment and I love how it doesn’t give any story away. Fans of Jeff Lemire’s original comics already know there’s a lot of differences between the live-adaptation and the books, so there’s definitely going to be some surprises in the story. I am going to be clearing up everything on my schedule to binge-watch the new season on April 2th. Mark your dates.

Watch the teaser below –