‘Patience’ by Daniel Clowes is about 200 pages long but sucks you into to a bizarre sci-fi toxic romance that feels so much longer. And even though it wasn’t particularly thrilling, gripping or entertaining, I couldn’t help but turning page after page, purely out of the need to know what happens in the end and wanting to be there for the whole journey instead of skipping to the climax.

Set somewhere in 2012, the story follows Jack and Patience, a young couple who are barely able to make ends meet but dream of a better future with some kids of their own. But that future is shattered when Jack finds Patience dead in their apartment one day and he becomes the primary suspect in his beloved’s murder. A few years later, when Jack is much older and time travel is made possible, he decides to go back in time and fix things.

Clowes has this distinct retro-ish art style, the panels are colorful, psychedelic and the only redeeming thing about ‘Patience’. It’s not like I hated it, but all the characters that appear through the story are one-dimensional and trashy. This story should’ve been about ‘Patience’, instead it’s about this whiny dumb dude Jack, who thinks he is some sort of hero, whereas in reality he is nothing but a destructive terminator from the future wreaking havoc in his partner’s part.

Last title I read by Clowes was ‘David Boring’, which was a lot crisper and compelling. Although, ‘Patience’ was overall an interesting distraction from a present where time travel is never possible.

It’s a 3/5 from me.

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