Fragile heart, dear porcelain heart.

I will hold you in my hands.

In the lines of my palms,

In the flesh near my thighs.

I will tuck you in, safely, every night.

Sit with you till you dream, lest the devil of nightmares attack you again.

Dear damaged, cracked heart.

I will not let you break you,

Into a million pieces.

I will always, always, catch you before you fall.

I will let you soar, fly away. But know that a safety switch will open the parachute.

There is always grass on the ground to land safely.

Dear messed up, anxious heart.

People leave, because they want to.

People go, because they sometimes have no choice.

Some hearts die, but not because yours was beating.

Some hearts die, because they are forced to stop breathing.

You are not the reason for the destruction.

Dear fragile, porcelain heart, you are mine.

Come, I will keep you safe.

– Nivedita

She can be found wandering on Instagram – BombayBombil