This Tuesday (10th December), GoodReads announced the winners of its 11th Annual Choice Awards. I looked up the winning Graphic Novel, a book called Pumpkinheads and made an impulsive purchase. Wednesday evening the paperback was already at my doorstep. Thursday I am writing a review.

Set in Nebraska, Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell & Faith Erin Hicks has to be one of the sweetest graphic novels I’ve read. The story is about an extroverted, doe-eyed Deja and her shy friend Josiah who has been crushing on a girl for three years but has never mustered the courage to say as much as a ‘hi’.

The entire story takes place in one day, the last day of them working at their seasonal job at a pumpkin patch. So Deja is on a mission to ensure that Josiah strikes a conversation with the girl of his dreams so that she does not attain a mythical goddess like status in his life and forever remain a ‘what if’.

But getting to say ‘hi’ to the girl is not as easy for Josiah, despite Deja literally taking him by the hand to ensure he meets his crush. The book is filled with funny distractions and little mishaps that keep taking place before the two can accomplish the goal of their day. Also, I have never seen Halloween celebrations for real but the pages of this book give you a slice of what it’s all about. The artwork is damn cute and the writing is conversational.

What I really loved about this book is that one of the main protagonists is possibly pan-sexual and their sexual orientation is treated like should be – nonchalantly. It’s an out and out feel good story about two friends spending the last day of their temp job, having fun and living in the moment.

(Spoiler ahead)

The only tiny problem with the book is that the ending is predictable. But until we get to the end, the book is one heck of a fun ride. For me this would’ve been an absolutely perfect book on friendship between two young teens of the opposite gender but the author succumbs to giving it a romantic tinge. However, the ending in Pumpkinheads is perhaps the kind of ending that the target audience – young adults – would love.


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