I have had a hectic, stressful week, these past few days have been energy consuming with me trying to promote my debut book by myself. Must say my mom & dad have been acting like my book agents and have probably got more people to get my book then I did with all the extra writing going into various social media platforms.

Let’s just say self-publishing can be a bit of a nightmare, but it’s still something I would choose all over again, because I don’t have to deal with other people (read agents). So, in a bid to put some heat of the whole promotion thing, I’ve decided to do what I like best – read graphic novels. So the next couple of days, I am going to turn back to a reader and post some reviews and recommendations.

I just finished Giant Days volume 1 by John Allison (Inks by Max Sarin and Lissa Treiman). It’s an adorable book that primarily explores friendship between three college girls. It’s all about fun, friends & finding yourself through giant little mistakes.

The panels are vibrant, funny and cute. All three girls – Susan, Esther & Daisy – have their own quirks, which is fleshed out pretty well. The author tackles a multitude of teen themes effortlessly – Crushes, heartaches, drugs, sexist jerks, confusion over one’s sexual orientation, teen angst and what not.

But what shines out the most is the banter between the girls and the subtle ways in which they are always looking out for each other. No matter how idiotic their shenanigans might be.

This book made me want to go back to college and spend some quality time with my girlfriends!