Warner Brothers released their new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer and boy have they got some buzz.

What I liked best about the Wonder Woman trailer was the upbeat 80s music in the background, which sort of ensures that you do not lose interest in what’s happening and makes everything on the screen seem cool. Which is not to say that the trailer didn’t have its ‘cool’ moments, it did.

As soon as the 80s music rolls in the background, there is a huge ‘1984’ on your screen to imprint in the mind of the viewer that we are back in time. When I saw that, George Orwell’s 1984 novel came to my mind, although Wonder Woman’s 1984 is far from the bleak, dark Orwellian 80s.

There is a scene, where Wonder Woman fights out baddies in a fancy, flashy mall and you wonder, ‘hey won’t your identity be compromised?’. But that’s when I felt like they did slip in some Orwellian metaphors because soon we see CCTV cameras in some scenes and Wonder Woman destroying them.

CCTV cameras, somebody watching you all the time, loss of privacy – Orwellian right?

Anyway, I honestly didn’t understand how Chris Pine was back as Steve in the 80s, looking not very older. Didn’t he like die in the last film, in the 40s? He looks kind of plastic, so I am guessing plastic surgery? Or an interesting twist might be in the offing? Time Travel? Maybe he is a robot? Given his acting abilities in the trailer, that might be the arc.

The action scenes in the trailer were pretty damn cool and they show some glimpses of Diana’s Utopian home Themyscira which was exciting.

And then there was this cliche but kick ass scene, which reminded me of our very own superstar in India – Rajinikanth. I am talking about the bullet scene, where Diana is shown hitting a bullet back with her armour. I am not kidding, I liked the scene.

This little action sequence can never get old! Hitting back bullets will always be gold. Also, the lasso sequence with the lightning was pretty neat too.

This trailer was all about Gal Gadot, I barely had any time to even register the villains. It’s about Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman kicking ass in her blazing gold suit, which was apparently first introduced in a 1966 comic issue.

And after the light-hearted, fun Shazam, you might have thought that DC movies will finally amp up the comic factor like Marvel, but the only funny bit in the trailer was the last scene where Diana shows Steve around some place where she claims “it’s all art”. Steve then begins to look at something curiously and she says “that’s just a trash can”. That cracked me up.

Overall, it was an okay trailer, nothing amazing, but not disappointing either. Would be looking forward to watching this one! Girl crush on Gal Gadot reignited.

= = = =

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