Toto takes Ron Kamonohashi along for a brief trip to a place called Nandan Island, where they have been invited to view a meteor shower at the Island’s observatory. However, the detectives have been asked to come as a precautionary measure due to a past tragedy at the location.

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Titled “The Case of the Observatory Murder – Part 1,” episode 7 of “Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions” (Kamonohashi Ron no Kindan Suiri) has a pretty interesting premise, and the island serves as a refreshing change of location for the story. Even though the trip was supposed to take Ron’s mind of murder, we all already knew that’s not going to happen and his ears perk up the second they are informed the real agenda behind the invitation.

Swiftly paced, this episode was comical, intriguing, and introduced a character called John Grizzly, a professor at the premier detective school Blue, and one of the rare individuals that Ron admits to holding in high regard. Toto realizes that he still doesn’t know much about his genius friend and decides to ask a few questions to Mr. Grizzly, which leads to a flashback revealing the exact incident due to which Ron was banned from detective work. Some of the other guests who’ve come to witness the meteor shower are also interesting, and they all become suspects when one of them is found murdered under extremely suspicious circumstances. But in a big twist, the prime suspect is one of the three detectives who were invited as a safety measure.

Overall, “The Case of the Observatory Murder – Part 1” was an entertaining episode that leaves viewers guessing about the real culprit. It also showcases a heartwarming exchange between Ron and Toto, signifying a notable shift in their relationship from just detective and lackey to genuine friends who value each other.

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