Plot Overview – Based on a manga by Nami Sano, this mystery-thriller series follows orphaned identical twins, Migi and Dali, who craftily scheme their way into the lives of an aging wealthy couple Sonoyama Osamu and Sonoyama Youko. The couple believes they’ve adopted a single child, Hitori, with no clue that they’ve unwittingly welcomed two brothers into their home, who have their own agenda. So Migi and Dali take turns to play Sonoyama Hitori.

After their investigation at the Ichijo mansion in “Migi to Dali” episode 6, the brothers are convinced that their classmate Eiji murdered their mother. To uncover the truth, Dali decides to confront Eiji and orders Migi to focus on school. However, Dali’s plan to extract the truth sparks a new conflict between the twins.

Titled “It Wasn’t A Ghost”, episode seven wasn’t as bizarre as the last two editions, instead it had plenty of amusing moments and continues to push to story forward. The usual horror-tinged music which has been consistently making “Migi to Dali” seem like a supernatural series wasn’t as dominant in this edition either. The peculiar subplot about Dali’s cross-dressing, introduced in an earlier episode, is followed up in the latest installment. While at first, the trope seemed merely for cheap thrills, it becomes a more integral part of the narrative.

Dali’s cool, calculated, determined personality stands out in this edition, while Migi often gets waylaid from their main mission at hand. Overall, this was a well-paced episode that kept shifting its settings, with scenes transitioning between the school, the Sonoyoma house, and the Ichijo mansion. For the first time, a rift emerges between the twins, who are otherwise like two peas in a pod, so it will be interesting to see how the manipulative Dali is able to resolve a potential conflict with his brother.

You can watch “Migi to Dali” on Crunchyroll.

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