Story so far – Based on a manga by Nami Sano, this mystery-thriller series follows orphaned identical twins, Migi and Dali, who pretend to be one child called Hitori to their adoptive parents Sonoyama Osamu and Sonoyama Youko. Migi and Dali take turns to play Sonoyama Hitori, while they try to find out their biological mother’s murderer in Origon village. The twins zero in on the arrogant Eiji Ichijo and are very close to finding the truth.

“Migi to Dali” Episode seven ended with a cliffhanger, indicating a serious rift between the brothers for the first time. Migi feels betrayed by Dali for pretending to be a girl without telling him anything and allowing things to get weird. Episode eight focuses on Dali’s attempts to mend bridges with his brother while also trying to be Hitori full-time in the Sonoyoma house, as an upset Migi is living with his friend Shunpei Akiyama.

This edition begins with a creepy sequence of Migi slithering like a snake in his friend Shunpei Akiyama’s house, clearly sulking over the past events. The series back to being bizarre and tinged with horror tones, which is what makes “Migi to Dali” unique – it’s a genre bending creepy comedy investigative series. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud at a scene where Dali eats for two at lunch because usually, one of the twins is sitting at the table and passing food to the other who is hiding below. So when his mom, Youko, asks him why he isn’t eating like usual, he stuffs his face and later throws up in the bathroom. Of all the exaggerated and unreal things that happen in the show, it was kinda hilarious how the writers try to be realistic when it comes to Dali’s appetite.

In a comedic surprise, there’s a Halloween-themed subplot in the series. Dali participates in a costume contest and devises a scheme to hurt Eiji Ichijo at the event. The flamboyant Youko is probably the most fun character in the show, her optimistic enthusiasm for everything is funny-sweet and it’s amusing how her character uses a lot of English words while talking. She comes up with a ridiculous costume for Hitori to wear, and Dali like a sport wears a hideous outfit and gives it his own twist. The episode concludes with a an unexpected event, and it will be interesting to see how this revenge saga shapes up.

You can watch “Migi to Dali” on Crunchyroll.

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