Ron Kamonohashi and Toto are still on Nandan Island, where a photographer has been shot dead, and John Grizzy, a reputed professor from the detective school BLUE, zeroes in on Ron as the primary suspect. Everybody except Toto is convinced of Ron’s guilt, but when a second murder occurs, the duo find themselves in a race against time to nab the real culprit.

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Titled “The Case of the Observatory Murder – Part 2,” episode 8 of the anime series “Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions” begins with ominous shots of scenes from in and around Nandan Island. It’s raining, and the visitors at the observatory, where the murders have occurred, are virtually locked in. It’s an atmospheric episode, where the creators use a lot of natural ambient sounds to enhance the mysterious tone of the tale. While a dark and serious tone pervades this episode, there’s also ample comic relief courtesy Ron and Toto’s interactions. While Toto is tense, terrified and anxious about finding the killer, Ron is happy focusing on getting a sugar rush (but it’s for powering his brain, so it’s fine).

My favorite scene from this episode takes place in the first few minutes, where Toto tries to imitate Ron’s investigative methods by lying down beside the victim’s corpse but is immediately freaked out and gives up. It was hilarious, and his attempt at imitation was a clever way to indicate just how much he admires Ron’s work and intellect. It’s only a matter of time before the two catch the killer, and there are plenty of hints that help even the viewers eliminate some potential suspects. But in an interesting surprise, the Nandan Island chapter doesn’t conclude, and viewers will have to wait for “Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions” to find out who is behind the very meticulously executed murder.

While the episode is fast-paced and entertaining, it was a refreshing change to see Ron take some time to figure out what’s happening on the remote island; it makes him seem more human than usual. “The Case of the Observatory Murder” is definitely the most thriller-like story so far in the anime series, and I wouldn’t mind if they stretch it for another two episodes, as long as there are enough twists transpiring. But finding out the killer’s identity in the next episode would be ideal!

You can stream “Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions” on Netflix.

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