Come June 8, 2022 and viewers will get to see Adam Sandler in those rare serious roles he chooses to now and then. This time around, he is playing a Basketball scout Blake who discovers a promising player in Spain and takes it upon himself to make the young man’s career in NBA.

Netflix dropped the official trailer for the film and it’s slightly reminiscent of the 2009 hit ‘The Blind Side’ starring Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron. Sandler looks scruffy and tired, but it fits in right with the workaholic-globe-trotting scout he plays. In an interesting choice of cast, the makers have paired Sandler with Queen Latifah and the two make a great onscreen couple, at least in the brief glimpse we get in the trailer. Same goes for the casting of Juancho Hernangomez, who makes his acting debut as rookie player Bo Cruz, who Blake plans on turning into a NBA star. Hernangomez is both Spanish and a professional basketball player in real life, so sports fans will have a ball watching him move on court.

Going by the trailer, it looks like director Jerehmiah Zagar has a winner on his hand with this typical underdog NDA tale. Adam Sandler fans cannot wait to see the actor in the film and flooded YouTube comments section with a lot of love and support.