Simon’s Cat is a comic book by Simon Tofield that follows his cat’s antics and adventures. It’s a cute collection of illustrations that feel like an animal version of “Dennis, the Menace”, without the dialogues.

Simon’s cat is a chubby little thing, always making trouble at home, knocking things over and creating a mess at all possible places. The artwork is adorable – it’s simple, clean and might remind the reader of Garfield. Although, personality-wise, the two cats aren’t very similar, except for their fondness for food. Garfield loves to stick to one corner and laze, while Simon’s cat is running riot everywhere.

Tofield is able to evoke a bunch of laughs from his material, but they run thin soon enough. However, the basic theme of the cartoons gets repetitive & is not as amusing as you turn more pages.

A lot of the panels are just of the cat either annoying birds, dirtying a different spot, or annoying Simon. The author originally started a youtube channel with the same name and they consist of short animated videos of the cat. After reading the book, I checked out some of the shorts and they are more engaging and funny.

The book might make for a great gift for kids or people who love cats. Got the ebook for free on my Kindle Unlimited subscription, or I wouldn’t really have picked it up. It’s a 3/5 from me.