Sometimes it feels like “Spy x Family” would’ve been better off as a simple comedy about a spy father struggling to raise a little kid by himself because Loid AKA Agent Twilight and his adopted daughter Anya’s scenes together are just hilarious. Besides, nothing concrete is happening concerning Twilight’s mission “Operation Strix” as far as season two is concerned.

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Titled “The Fearsome Luxury Cruise Ship,” episode 6 of “Spy x Family” season 2 continues to focus on Yor Forger’s undercover mission to protect Olka and her son on a cruise, which is rife with multiple assassins looking to kill Olka and claim the bounty on her head. Yor is also worried that she doesn’t run into her husband and daughter, Loid and Anya, who are also on the same cruise. Meanwhile, Anya is having a blast on the ship, while Loid struggles to keep up with her excitement and enthusiasm.

This edition of “Spy x Family” is a good balance of both comedic elements and dark scenes. Episode 5 had ended with a revelation that there are bugs all over the ship, so episode 6 packs in some action and violence as Yor soon realizes their identities have been compromised. While Yor’s scenes are dark and serious, the other bits involving Loid and Anya are funny and entertaining.

Episode six is the strongest episode in ‘Spy x Family’ season two in terms of storytelling and action, and it also features the usual exaggerated imagination of Anya, which is one of the most fun ingredients of this anime series. “The Fearsome Luxury Cruise Ship” chapter ends with a major cliffhanger – Yor is faced with an intimidating enemy, but the end credits roll in just before their deadly fight begins! Fans will have to watch the next episode to find out what happens, as the cruise saga seems to be far from over.

You can stream Spy x Family on Netflix.

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