Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Don’t let the adults know,” Cristina tells her little sister Martha, as the two young girls stumble upon the possibility of befriending a ghost. “The Ghost of Wreckers Cove,” created by Angelica Del Campo and Liniers, is a captivating and enchanting book intended for children, yet it possesses a certain allure that can equally captivate adult readers with its mysterious plot involving lost ships, pirates, an unlikely hero, and ethereal spirits.

The opening scene instantly reminded me of the renowned Studio Ghibli film “Spirited Away.” Similar to the protagonist Chihiro in the Japanese masterpiece, Cristina’s story commences with her family’s car journey to a new place. However, the artistic styles employed in both works are distinctively different. The illustrations in “The Ghost of Wreckers Cove” evoke a sense of nostalgia found in classic British children’s books, bringing to mind beloved titles like “Peter Rabbit.”

Nestled by the seaside, Cristina and Martha are under the care of their widowed father. The girls find themselves drawn to a non-functional lighthouse near their new home, which carries a fascinating and storied past of its own. With their innate curiosity and a shared spirit of adventure, the sisters form an unbreakable bond that permeates throughout the book, making it heartwarming. While Cristina occasionally becomes frustrated with her younger sibling, she consistently strives to mend their relationship and ensure Martha’s happiness.

It’s a 4 on 5 from me.

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