There’s so much stuff happening in issue #2 of ‘The Least We Can Do’, you won’t even realize you are on the last page and the comic is already over! Eliza Romboli and Iolanda Zanfardino quickly introduce a whole bunch of diverse characters in their new dystopian-fantasy series and it gets a little hard to keep track since the story is only getting started.

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Uriel the protagonist is trying to find her place among the Eclipse Rebels, whose members are adamant she learn how to fight and train for all eventualities. So the issue offers plenty of action and the clueless Uriel is no match for the badass members who know how to throw a good punch. To realize her dreams of a peaceful regime which isn’t oppressed by corrupt dictators, Uriel will have to learn the secrets to channeling the magical powers of the ‘Medium’ stones.

With each new comic, Iolanda Zanfardino seems to be shedding a little more light to these mystery stones that are at the heart of the series. For example, in this issue we learn the stones might now work for its wielder if someone else owned them before. Eliza Romboli’s playful artwork keeps changing the colors and mood of the story through the pages. Just like the first issue, this one too feels like a lively video-game filled with fun players.

I love the little twist this one ends with and it would be exciting to see if the cliffhanger will get a back-story of its own in the coming issues.

It’s a 4.5/5 from me.

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