Book number 18 for the year – Mom’s copy of ‘The Mysterious Affair At Styles’ by Agatha Christie. I’ve read a few Christie novels back in school & loved them. However, her Victorian sense of humour is slightly burdensome to read as an adult. The prime character Hercule Poirot sometimes comes across as a grandmother masquerading as a male investigator. That said, her books continue to remain gripping and I was able to finish this one in one sitting.

‘The Mysterious Affair At Styles’ is about how an old rich woman is found poisoned and the needle of suspicion falls on her husband, who is 20 years her junior. Like classic Christie – as the investigation progresses, almost everyone becomes a suspect. The famous investigator Hercule Poirot helps unravel the truth. I like how Christie deliberately makes Poirot say things about the murder case that confuses the reader, but doesn’t reveal enough to be sure of our calculations.

Like a lot of Christie’s novels, different kinds of poisons and how they effect the human body find mention in this novel too. What’s even intriguing is the fact that at least three characters have easy access to the poison that kills the victim. Anyway, not going to go into details or give any spoilers. This one is a quick fun thriller that you can finish in 3-4 hours. It’s a 4 on 5 from me.

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