By Sneha Jaiswal (Twitter | Instagram)

The only thing nice about the 2021 thriller ‘Rose Villa’ is the Villa in which majority of the story unfolds. It looks like a vintage guesthouse, surrounded by greenery and is the kind of ‘5 star’ homestay you would like to book on a holiday. But the movie is the kind of film you’d want to be warned about by friends or folks on the internet.

Written and directed by R.J. Hemant, the story follows a young couple who get invited for dinner by an elderly pair they’ve just met. They go to a remote property called ‘Rose Villa’ and the young couple finds themselves trapped by the odd owners. Despite a decent plot-line, this was a mess of an affair.

I don’t see the point of writing a detailed review, because there isn’t much to discuss. It was hard to concentrate on anything that was happening onscreen, no single scene demands your attention, you could casually listen to it and still follow and guess what’s going to happen next. The acting is sub-par, the plot predictable, the direction ridiculous. I was sitting with our pet-dog, and chose to speak to her throughout the runtime.

The climax was so badly directed, it makes you want to gouge your eyes out. The biggest high-point about the production is the short-runtime and even that feels long. It’s a 2/10 from me. Skip. Skip.

If you still want to stream it, it’s available on Amazon Prime.

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