BLACKPINK dropped the music video for their new song ‘Shut Down’ whose lyrics go ‘It’s black and it’s pink once the sun down. When we pull up, you know it’s a shutdown‘. And it sure is all black and pink in their visually stunning video. Here’s just 10 of them –

1. Who knew war tanks could look gorgeous? Sample this completely jeweled/glittery tank with a dash of pink – shopping bags.

2. This mesmerizing Pink sunset.

3. A Black-Pink glove. If they put these up on stores for fans, it’s probably going to sell out in seconds!

4. Did you notice all those black bags were stuffed with pink notes?

5. This clean shot of Jennie lighting up a match-stick from a pink box makes a pretty cool composition.

6. We were hoping maybe the icons might show up in pink hair at some point in the video, well, one of them sort did…

7. Well, everything is drenched in pink in shit shot!

8. Lisa looks straight out of a fantasy-action game with the badass Katana in a solid pink sheath.

9. Too bad it didn’t rain pink money too, but the pink umbrella sure adds some pizzazz to this otherwise plain shot.

10. Pretty much every second thing… from their lip shades, to their belts, to the shop signs on this little street the icons dance… everything is BLACKPINK in ‘Shut Down’. That ‘Pink Kebab’ sign sure as hell is catch. And there’s a little ‘BLINK’ entrance on the left-side corner – a sweet little nod to their fans.