The 2022 Thai series ‘The Tuxedo’ is about a rich obnoxious man called Nawee, who bullies his peers and the makers try to justify it by showing how he has a traumatic childhood. Except for the fact that Nawee is a handsome young man, there’s literally nothing worth liking about him. So basically, this series is just about two good-looking people falling for each other, whatever else is peddles as ‘story’ is boring and makes you want to sleep instead.

Actors Chap and Green do make a visually great looking couple, but it’s not enough to make you invest in the barely there plot. Green plays Aioon, a clothing designer/tailor who sells to an exclusive clientele and takes care of his two younger brothers. All the situations in the series are too forced and cosmetic, like accidental pecks between the leads. One time is okay, more than that only shows the writing team’s lack of imagination – “hey we don’t know how to slip in consensual romantic moments in since the characters aren’t in love yet, so let’s make them fall on each other’s lips a couple of times, accidentally…”

The romance is not convincing, the jokes are not funny, and it’s hard to understand if the leads cannot act, or it’s just the terrible script which doesn’t give them enough scope to display their talents. And Nawee’s personality is just toxic, he literally hits an employee at one point and later viewers are given childhood flashbacks of how his childhood was rough. But a traumatic childhood is no excuse for being a monster to others. Towards the end, there’s a weird personality reversal between the leads and things just don’t make much sense.

It’s a 4/10 from me.

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