I’ve been devouring ‘The Walking Dead’ like a maniac, it’s pretty much me sitting dead in one position on the couch and reading one issue after the others. But I will make this post just about volume two.

While the first volume follows cop Rick’s journey through Zombie infested lands to track down his family, the second volume is where things turn darker and grittier. If the first book was about family, friends & heartwarming reunions, the second one is all about survival, senility & hunt for a new home.

There’s a lot more bloodshed, zombies and crazies as a small group of survivors elect Rick to lead them through a harsh winter and establish safe living conditions. A lot of new characters are introduced in this volume, some of whom are going to last a while. Glen who used to be the scavenger of the group meets a potential love interest. Readers for the first time see a dark shade to Rick, who loses his shit when a man mistakes his son Carl for a Zombie.

While Tony Moore had done the inks for the first six issues that comprised volume one, Charlie Adlard has drawn the rest of the series. Adlard tends to use more dark tones in the panels and his style is more melancholic than Moore, which adds to the despairing mood.

To any Zombie/horror fan who has not read this series – you have got to catch up! Can’t believe I didn’t!