It’s Friday the 13th and I am still reading issue after issue of the horror comic series “The Walking Dead” by Robert Kirkman & team. Couldn’t pick a better day to put up another review of the series.

Volume 3 “Safety Behind Bars” starts with cop Rick & his crew cleaning up a prison facility to make it their new home. It’s already guarded by sturdy walls, offering protections against the zombies, they just need to get rid of the ones inside.

A lot of fucked up shit happens in the issues contained in volume 3. Given the generous amount of ‘f’ words Kirkman sprinkles throughout, I don’t think me dropping ‘f’ bombs in my review is such a big deal either.

Every fan of the series probably admires the paradoxical brilliance of how our leads find a prison to be the safest place for settling town at a time when dead are walking over their lands. Of-course there are some lucky inmates who manage to survive in their and there is a new ‘us vs them’ dimension in this volume. It’s Rick’s pack versus jailbirds, neither group trusts the other, so everybody is on the edge.

It’s in this issue that most people learn the most valuable lesson that the reader will find in this series – there is something more sinister than the walking dead – the living.