Stephen King followers on Twitter were in for some hilarious banter when the king of horror tweeted about owning a pair of shoes for half a decade.

“Best pair of sneakers I ever owned. 5 years, at least 6500 walking miles, and still going” King had tweeted on Saturday, along with a picture of a clearly worn out set of shoes. One of them was slightly ripped at the toe area.

One twitter user cheekily responded to the tweet saying maybe someday the author would “make it big” and then he could afford a new pair. Little did they know that King would respond, and with good humour.

King’s response pretty much went viral and some more hilarious tweets followed, all continuing Laura’s joke that maybe some day the writer would become famous.

These are some of our favourites!

Trivia: Stephen King has written over 70 novels and most of them have been adapted into movies.