If you are a good human being, you tend to feel terrible when you have to make people do things they do not like, even if it is in their best interest.

“We are going to torture you”, I said as he ran into the kitchen.

My friend looked at me with shock for the usage of the term. “We are not torturing him”, he said.

“They are going to torture you”, I said with a smile on my face again.

The friend came up with the idea to tie up his hands and legs so that things would be easier for us. Another friend who was there rejected the idea. But we convinced her.

So we picked the cat from the kitchen and then the three of us tried tying his legs. One of us held his hands tightly, but the little devil scratched my friend and wriggled out of her lap. Mission “tying up” was a failure.

“I feel like we are a part of a torture squad”, I mustered under out breath.

We finally decided to just hold him and make him have a bath in the tub of water. But none of us really wanted to do it. But it was necessary. The cat was stinking, dirty and nobody knows when was the last time it had been given a proper bath. Maybe never. Cats dislike for baths is legendary and nobody wanted to be the victim of an angry clawing cat that was being forcibly cleaned.

My friend and I resolved to do it, we locked the bathroom door, she held the cat by the hands and legs and dipped him into the warm water. I took a mug and started pouring water over it and cleaning it. To our surprise, he did not put up much fight. It could have been because the water was not cold and was nice and warm. We put a nice towel over him post the bath.


He immediately took his place on his favorite cushion in the room and started licking his wet hair and was busy for the next few minutes.

“Oh he is so pissed, he is probably swearing in his head at us for spoiling his mane”, I told my friend. The cat did not even look at us. I looked at him suspiciously.

“What if he decided to take revenge, what if he is thinking ‘wait till I straighten my hair and then I will claw you guys to death for what you did’, I wondered out loud to my friend. I am not sure if she even responded.

I just hope I am not clawed to death by the cat in the night when I am sleeping. I love the cat, it is all clean and we can now play and annoy it with kisses. But in the night, I am going to be wary. Sigh. Cats are cute little evil things. Oh and we know cat lick themselves clean. But a bath once in a month is not that much of a torture.