Neil Patrick Harris may have had it easy with the ladies in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as the serial womanizer Barney Stintson, but in the 2022 Netflix series ‘Uncoupled’ he is gay and extremely lost at the dating game!

Netflix dropped the official trailer and it sure looks fun. Neil plays a 40-something Michael who is unceremoniously dumped by his partner of 17 long years. The tagline of the series goes – newly single, but forgot how to mingle. To be fair, falling out of a long-term relationship is never easy for anybody. So Michael’s friends introduce him to the world of Grindr and other dating apps, encouraging him to enjoy his newfound sexual freedom instead of moping around. Tisha Campbell seems to have a fun support role as Michael’s feisty friend Suzanne.

It’s going to be interesting watching Neil play a role so different from one of his most famous onscreen characters; he became popular with viewers as the suave, sexy, smooth Barney, the kind of man people turned to for dating advice. By the looks of the trailer, ‘Uncoupled’ promises to be a sassy, witty funny take on navigating dating life in your 40s.

You can stream the series on July 29th.