When the psychological horror film ‘Orphan’ first came out in 2009, it was quite the hit with horror fans for its unique story of an odd adopted child wreaking havoc in her new home. Actor Isabelle Fuhrman was only ten at the time and delivered a spine-chilling creepy performance as Esther, the disturbed titular orphan.

‘Orphan’ became a contemporary horror classic of sorts, and fans wouldn’t have expected a sequel, given that the 2009 flick had a pretty conclusive end. But director William Brent Bell is hoping to cash on the film’s lasting popularity and Esther’s deviousness by giving viewers a prequel – ‘Orphan: First Kill’. Isabelle Fuhrman reprises her role as Esther, but with over 13 years between the two films, she doesn’t look as convincing as a 9-year-old kid anymore.

A new trailer for the film shows how Esther is taken in by a family, who believe she is their child who went missing 4 years ago. Julia Stiles plays Esther’s mother Katie Mauerova, and brownie points to the casting directors, because the two actors do pass off as mother-daughter duo. This time around, a lot of characters have their doubts about Esther’s true nature and identity.

Unfortunately, ‘Orphan: First Kill’ looks like a re-hashed version of the 2009 flick, with a lot of the same themes and plot points repeating themselves all over again. On top of that, even the element of suspense doesn’t exist anymore, not for those who’ve seen the first film. The trailer gives too much away, so it’s going to be challenging for the makers to make the prequel gripping. One can only hope they didn’t pack the best parts of them film in the teaser.