Do you remember the Teen Titans?

This bunch used to be very popular back in the “good old Cartoon Network” days. And although I was not a big fan, I did not mind watching it. It was fun. And the little guy crouching on the floor, yes, the little froggish boy, he is a superhero. A cool one at that. He is beast boy and he can change into any animal in the world at will.

So why am I even writing about this now? Well, because I cannot watch any of the stuff that is aired on cartoon network these days. Sure I am a grown up adult and maybe I should be watching anchors having screaming matches with their guests on news channels, but what about when I need a break from all that crap?

I started watching Cartoon Network when I was probably five, those were the days when it was not a 24*7 channel. And I was so hooked on to it, right from the all time favorite Tom & Jerry to stuff like Ghostbusters (i was heartbroken when it ended), that I continued watching a good dose of that channel till I was 15. And slowly I shifted to watching more grown up channels like HBO (read ridiculous movies like American Pie).

But there would be days when I just wanted to lay back and have a good laugh by watching Cartoon Network. But whenever I turn that channel on, there is only one show that is being aired – Ben 10. Now, honestly I do not know what is the exact problem that I have with the show, but I have seen it once and I thought it was blah. Hell, Teen Titans was way better! And that is where Beast Boy comes in. I feel like a kid right now, but well Ben 10 can change into 10 aliens, Beast Boy like already mentioned – can turn into any animal he wants! And he has a better sense of humor too. And what happens if Ben 10 loses his watch? He is not Ben 10 anymore, he is just Ben. But Beast Boy remains awesome and never loses his power to metamorph into a giant shark that can eat you.

My point is, even the average cartoons of the days bygone had better characters than the ones that play now!

The only thing that I can really watch on that channel is Jhonny Bravo and they air it at 2 am! I came to know of it one day when could not sleep so I decided to switch on the tv and surf channels and there he was!

I was so happy, it brought back childhood memories. I did not even like Jhonny Bravo back then. But suddenly even this cartoon seemed genius, and it indeed is a hilarious take on Americans. But obviously the timing did not go down well with me and no normal kid will ever get to see it. So basically,  only uninteresting cartoons are played on the channel (at least when I turn to it). And I have already decided, that if I ever have kids, they will not be allowed to watch Cartoon Network.

Hail Samurai Jack!