The 2023 movie “Wingwomen” (original title: Voleuses) concludes with an unexpected twist that remains unexplained by the creators. So, let’s delve into what the climax meant. But first, here’s a brief overview of the plot. The story revolves around Carole and Alex, skilled thieves and close friends, who decide to pull off one last heist before retiring, as they are both tired of constantly putting their life at risk. They recruit a newcomer named Max for their last mission, much to the displeasure of their boss, known as the Godmother.

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Carole tries to persuade the Godmother to let them leave their life of crime, but the Godmother makes it clear that they can only retire when she allows it. The Godmother highly values Carole and cannot afford to lose her as an asset, although she does indicate that she doesn’t care much for what Alex does with her life. But Carole is pregnant and hellbent on wanting to start a new life sans crime, so she begins devising a plan.

In the film’s ending, after successfully stealing an artwork, Carole, Alex, and Max celebrate. Carole steps aside to have a cryptic phone conversation, expressing her need for someone’s services. When questioned if the Godmother knows about her plan, Carole emphasizes that her intention is to keep the Godmother out of it and that she requires a “team” ready for the plan. Alex inquires about the person on the other end of the call, but Carole changes the topic, leaving the conversation mysterious.

In the climactic scene, Carole meets the Godmother to deliver the stolen artwork. Alex, stationed in an adjacent building with a sniper rifle, watches over her. Carole instructs Alex to shoot the Godmother, triggering an attack by the Godmother’s guards. Carole and Alex eliminate the guards, but the police arrive, intensifying the situation. Realizing that they can’t escape the police, Carole decides to sacrifice herself. She instructs Alex to escape and start a new life, lamenting that the Godmother has already taken too much of their lives. Carole opens fire on the police and is fatally shot in response. Her body is taken away, and Alex manages to escape.

The film then jumps four years ahead, with Alex having distanced herself from Max and grieving Carole’s absence. Max urges Alex to go somewhere with her, and although initially reluctant, Alex agrees. During their outing, Alex encounters a child named Raoule, the name she had suggested for Carole’s baby. In a surprising twist, Carole appears and embraces Alex. Alex asks Carole to explain what happened, and the movie concludes.

So, did Carole actually die? The most likely scenario is that Carole orchestrated her own fake death. She either hired people to pose as cops and stage her murder or had a reliable contact within the police force to help her stage the incident. By doing so, Carole ensured that she wouldn’t be pursued by those connected to the Godmother. If she had simply survived after eliminating the Godmother, she would have had to live on the run for the rest of her life. Therefore, faking her death was the safest and most secure way to start anew, which was likely the reason behind her enigmatic phone call requesting services from an undisclosed person.

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