“Lies, Truth, or Something Supernatural!” That’s the title of Ron’s new favorite television show, where a psychic named Torage attempts to prove the authenticity of his mind-control claims when a young neurosurgeon challenges him. Ron and his rookie detective partner, Isshiki Tototmaru, watch the broadcast live, where an audience member appears to die after Torage writes “Death” on a card. The two immediately rush to the spot to investigate the case.

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Titled “The Case of the Live Broadcast Murder,” episode 6 of “Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions” (Kamonohashi Ron no Kindan Suiri) is an amusing installment where Ron must prove that the audience member was murdered and didn’t die due to the psychic’s supernatural abilities. Even the neurosurgeon at the crime scene is completely shaken by the turn of events, but we all trust the genius detective to solve the case, don’t we?

This was a colorful and fast-paced episode that delves into the theme of blind supernatural belief versus scientific explanations for everything. There’s the usual comedic banter between Ron and Tototmaru, but the neurosurgeon also adds to the hilarity due to her extremely clumsy behavior. For example, half her body is in bandages because she keeps falling or hurting herself accidentally, an amusing paradoxical behavior for a surgeon known for her precision.

So far in the series, Ron has been treating Totomaru merely as a proxy to help him solve murder cases due to a revocation of his detective license, but for the first time, the asocial genius exhibits genuine concern for Toto. On his part, Totomaru still isn’t used to Ron’s bizarre ways of working, but he admires Ron deeply and probably already thinks of him as his best friend and mentor. The episode concludes with the two planning a vacation to give Ron a much-needed break, but given his knack for stumbling upon murder mysteries even during leisure time, we can be certain that another vacation murder case is just around the corner.

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