I feel extremely embarrassed that I could not even keep my simple target of one blog post a month. Not like anybody cares, but it was a personal goal, so I am disappointed in myself.

India is facing general elections. So, as a journalist, it’s just a lot of work and pressure. Like I had an off this Sunday, but it was voting day in seven states, so all of us were called to work and I ended up working both Saturday and Sunday.

It’s not like I have not been writing at all. I still pen poems on the poetry site I discovered – Mirakee. Although, it’s been a while since I posted anything there either.

And then there is Quora, I am a lot more regular there, I think I manage to write a longish answer almost once every week and sometimes more than that.

Time has been flying its mid May already, when the month ends, almost half the year will be gone in a black hole. Although, now we know what that looks like.