We are back with another edition of ’10 Book Reviews under 10 Minutes’ for our podcast. So if you aren’t into reading long book reviews, listen to our special ‘Graphic Novels’ edition, where we quickly look at some diverse titles. List of titles –

1. Ballad For Sophie by Filipe Melos, Juan Cavia

2. They Called Us Enemy by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott and Harmony Becker

3. Doughnuts & Doom by Balazs Lorinczi

4. Roots by Tara O’Connor

5. Parenthesis by Elodie Durand

6. Odessa by Jonathan Hill

7. The Twilight Man by Koren Shadmi

8. Iscariot by S. M. Vidaurri

9. Generations by Flavia Biondi

10. Ye by Guilherme Petreca